Take a Look Inside Airbnb’s Real Life Bluey Home in Brisbane

Parents around the world really felt it when Bandit said, “A person never has the chance to be young again” in season one of the beloved Bluey cartoon show. And while that is true, staying at Airbnb’s real-life Heeler Home in Brisbane, Australia, would come pretty close.

Wait, What Is This Bluey Cartoon I Speak Of?

For those not familiar with the show Bluey is a global phenomenon that follows the adventures of Bluey – a lovable, inexhaustible six-year-old Blue Heeler dog – who lives with her Mum (Chilli), Dad (Bandit), and little sister Bingo. The show is available in over 60 countries, Disney+, and is beloved by parents and kids for its heart, humor, and relatable family moments.

It’s a Top 3 favorite show in our house for its silly and touching episodes that my kids act out over and over again. Magically, it has also helped us be better parents by remembering the power of family fun and bringing light-hearted moments more into the chaos of everyday family life.

Check Out This Official Airbnb Heller Family Home

Courtesy Airbnb

Airbnb has partnered with BBC Studios to offer one lucky family the opportunity to live like the Heelers for the ultimate Bluey fan weekend. Nestled on a quiet, tree-lined street in one of Brisbane’s most picturesque neighborhoods – the city which inspired the show – the house was customized to bring the cartoon experience to life, featuring quirky details Bluey fans will recognize from the Heeler family home in the show.

From the moment guests step onto the front lawn, they’ll be transported to Bluey’s imaginative world as they spot familiar touches like the red letterbox, bone-shaped chimney, and charming bay window.

But, don’t worry; there won’t be any sneak attacks with the water hose!

Inside the Heller Home

Inside, your kids won’t believe their eyes! Call them over to see the below pictures, as I did with mine! The girls’ playroom with its signature rainbow canopy, kiwi rug, and numerous toys – including Bluey’s beloved Chattermax toy and Magic Xylophone – is the ultimate setting for creative play and make-believe.

The winners of this promotion can stay overnight in Bluey and Bingo’s Bedroom, equipped with two single beds fitted with a custom stained-glass window feature, colorful hanging lanterns, cloud cushions, and, of course, a hand-crafted watermelon rug.

Once the putdown’s done and the kids are snuggled down with Bingo’s Floppy and Grey Dancer toys, parents can retreat to Bandit and Chilli’s airy and plant-filled Master Bedroom – complete with a queen-sized bed, rattan furnishings, and neutral hues. Don’t worry. A crazy pillow is NOT included in the house 🙂 Unless the kids say otherwise, right?

The backyard is a verdant oasis for family games – like Horsey Ride and Keepy Uppy – with a BBQ, kids’-sized trampoline, Grannies’ car, custom toadstool seats, and bespoke dog garden gnomes. Yummy snacks can be found in the fully stocked fridge, including Bandit’s famous duck cake. How many times do you think they’ll say, “Isn’t anyone going to mention the salads?!?!”

Better Than a Magic Claw Prize

One lucky family will win a weekend getaway in mid-February to include:

  • An exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Ludo Studio, where Bluey is created.
  • A Chinese takeaway feast in the lush backyard (don’t forget the spring rolls!).
  • An afternoon decorating the Heeler’s famous duck cake, where the whole family can test their culinary skills.
  • A puppet-making craft session featuring Bluey’s famous Bob Bilby character (a local Aussie marsupial).

Bring that Special Bluey Magic Into Your Home

While only one four-some can win this ultimate family vacation, you can bring that special recipe of Bluey fun and family togetherness into your house no matter where you live! Our family favorite includes:

  • Playing Keepy-Uppy
  • Repurposing a Yoga Ball for a Fun Game of Hallway Raiders
  • Setting up a Hotel on a rainy day and checking in various guests
  • Streaming Bluey: The Album on Spotify and others and reliving all our favorite moments
  • Playing the board game Shadowlands

Images Courtesy Airbnb Newsroom