Timeshare Rentals

Timeshare Resorts: 2020’s Highest Rated Resorts by Owners

Every year TUG puts out a press release of the most requested and rented timeshare resorts from the previous year. If you’re looking for beloved timeshare resorts for travel planning this is a great place to start. While it won’t be a surprise to see names like Four Seasons and Grand Hyatt on the list, it may surprise some that these are timeshare resorts.

5 Timeshare Presentation Tips to Be Empowered, Not Pressured

Who doesn’t love a travel deal? In your search have you seen promotions that seem too good to be true? For example, how can a hotel offer 3 nights accommodation plus water park tickets and a $100 restaurant gift card for $129? That’s because these promotions are from timeshare companies looking to introduce their resort, and timeshare ownership, to new people via a timeshare presentation.