How to DIY Sell

Dave Ramsey Endorsed Timeshare Exit Team Closes Its Doors; Leaving Paying Customers High and Dry

For years, Dave Ramsey touted, endorsed, and advertised Timeshare Exit Team’s services as a trusted company that his followers could turn to when they no longer wanted their vacation ownership. After a lawsuit by the State of Washington, an Inside Edition investigation, a Better Business Bureau “F” rating, and hoards of complaints, Timeshare Exit Team has closed, taking outstanding cases and people’s hard-earned money with them.

How to Sell a Timeshare Without Getting Scammed: 5 Proven DIY Ways

Every new year there is an increase in timeshare owners looking to end their timeshare contract as yearly maintenance bills arrive. In 2021, the economical effects of the pandemic caused even more people to consider selling their vacation ownership. While 7 out of 8 U.S. timeshares owners are satisfied, one-in-four Americans are having trouble paying their bills.

As a fellow timeshare owner, I know how complicated it can be to find reliable information on how to sell a timeshare legally with your credit score in tack. Here are five ways you can “divorce” your timeshare legally that doesn’t include paying thousands of dollars of upfront fees to timeshare exit companies or to a timeshare lawyer. Did you know that ending your timeshare contract is something that you can do on your own?