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RCI.com 101: Free Tutorial by an Owner for Other Owners

What the heck is this whole thing? So….. you’ve got a timeshare or someone in your family does and you’re going to be using it to trade for a vacation at a different resort?   Yay!! Vacations!!  This is a whole new world (Cue Aladdin song) that can be
overwhelming, confusing, and hard to figure out. If you don’t know where to start you’ve come to the right place! We strive to #BeTheLight here, so I’m going to share all I’ve learned about having a timeshare and trading it through RCI so you take the vacations you are looking forward to! 

How To Use the RCI Resort Directory and Historical Tools to Score Epic Timeshare Exchange Vacations in 4 Steps

Are you not seeing availability for what you are looking for on RCI.com? You feel your blood starting to boil, think you’ve gotten scammed and threw money down the toilet. Breathe, and then keep on reading! I’ll share with you what I’ve learned and how the savvy RCI members are getting the resorts they want from the RCI Resort Directory.

Timeshare Vacations 301: Scoring the RCI Properties You Want

Explaining The Exchange Vacation Waitlist PLUS Tips and Secrets for Success! Think of it as going to a night club….. There are always two lines. One for people who wait forever, may or may not get in and get stuck with whatever they tell you once you reach the front of the line. THEN there is the VIP line which is, of course, where you want to be. The Ongoing Search is the “VIP” Line.

Timeshare Deals with RCI Last Call

$350 Week Long Vacations with Your RCI Membership! No exchange needed, No sales presentations, no funny business. Meaning, that you could use your week (or even rent it!) at your resort and also go on vacation to another timeshare (as many times as you want) for under $350. Yup, it is totally true. #Jackpot #NotanAd #HeretoHelp