Understanding Timeshares

Timeshares for Sale in 2022: How to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck

With $10 billion a year in timeshare purchases, (yes, billions!) Americans are spending more money buying vacation ownerships than Major League Baseball’s total annual revenue! This article, by a timeshare owner for other potential owners, will help you analyze timeshares for sale and make a purchase that’s a great value for money.

An Owner Shares Six Tips to Consider Before Your Timeshare Purchases

Hi there! I’m Monica, AKA Your Timeshare Fairy Godmother, and a happy timeshare owner of 15 years. I’ve never been employed by the timeshare industry and I’m not being compensated by any of the parties I talk about in this article. With over $10 billion dollars a year being spent on timeshare purchases, (yes, billions!) I’m on a mission to help people save money on timeshare ownership and timeshare vacations.