10 Must-Try Dishes For Your Hawaii Vacation According to Locals

Are you one of 10 million people visiting Hawaii this year?

In a place where food is culture and love combined, take the chance to get to know this special place and its people through its cuisine.

So on your next trip, skip familiar fare to sample delicious Hawaiian food prepared with local’s love, the Aloha spirit.

A melting pot of cultures and culinary influences, Hawaiian food is a true (and tasty!) reflection of its history.

“Hawaiian food is truly traditional food native to the Hawaiian islands.  However, it is also a blend of Polynesian, Asian, and some Western influences,” said Felix Tai, Executive Chef, Polynesian Cultural Center.

Just as Hawaii’s geographical location is a meeting point between Asia Pacific and The Americas, so is its cuisine. Whether traditional or newer mash-ups, here’s the dishes, you must try on your next trip to the Aloha State.

Poke or Poke Bowl

Loco Moco

Plate Lunch

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