10 Reasons To Visit The Basketball Hall of Fame This Summer

If you can’t make it to see your favorite team play, plan a trip to the Basketball Hall of Fame to learn about the game’s all-star players while it is cold outside. 

So if you’re taking a road trip to the Berkshires, Cape Cod, Boston, Providence, or New Haven, think about a stop at this shrine to Basketball in Springfield, Massachusetts 

Here's the 10 Reasons why we think it should be on any basketball fan's 2023 travel bucket list. 

Basketball Hall of Fame Year Round

The Basketball Hall of Fame is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM.

The Basketball Hall of Fame Is Fun for All Ages

Both adults and kids alike will enjoy the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. First, head to the Basketball Hall of Fame location in Springfield, MA.

The Kobe Bryant Exhibit at the Basketball Hall of Fame is a must-see. The exhibit honors his accomplishments and celebrates his legacy.

See the Kobe Bryant Exhibit

For some people, shooting hoops is just a way to get out and enjoy themselves. Others might play a one-on-one game here and there or compete on a team regularly.

Bring Out Your Inner Baller

This place has been a shrine of basketball memories for decades and is worth celebrating with family and friends who have never visited before!

Go Back in Time

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