13 Low Cost Things To Do in Colorado Springs, Colorado

If you’ve got one half of your family that like urban spots and the other half who likes nature, Colorado Springs is one place where you can get both!

Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a gateway to some of the most beautiful hikes and lookouts in the entry country. And, they have their own airport!

Only about an hour south of Denver, there are 55 Things to do in Colorado Springs and its immediate area.  Here's our short list!

Broadmoor's  Seven Falls

Found between the Pillars of Hercules, you can climb a staircase and head up to the hiking trails that take you past the 7 cascading waterfalls.

Goat Patch Brewing Co.

They have won many awards over the years, both for the brewery as a whole and for certain crafted drinks, like their Hazy IPA.

Imagine attending a concert in an amphitheater built into the Red Rock Canyon? It's bucket-list worthy! You can also visit for free on non-concert days!

Red Rocks Amphitheater

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