15 Affordable Things to Do in Merida Mexico

The charming city of Merida is the cultured capital of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. It is characterized by its opulent, grand colonial mansions and ornate, colorful houses.

Save your money or splurge on luxury accommodations with these 15 affordable things to do in Merida Mexico.

Take Advantage of ADO and Local Buses for Day Trips

Merida makes an excellent place to base yourself for a wider exploration of the Yucatan region.

Head to the Beach

If you want some respite from the heat, there are plenty of gorgeous beaches in the Yucatan that offer the opportunity to do that.

San Crisanto is one of the things to do in Merida to enjoy peace and seclusion away from the crowds.

Lay in the Coconut Groves of San Crisanto

The Paseo Montejo is the main promenade that runs all the way through Merida Mexico. It was named after the city’s founder, Spanish Conquistador Francisco de Montejo.

Wander the Paseo Montejo

Taking a salsa class or taking yourself along to a salsa club is one of those things to do in Merida to immerse yourself in Mexican culture.

Learn to Salsa

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