20 Gorgeous New York State Parks You Shouldn’t Overlook

At first mention, New York conjures images of towering skyscrapers and masses of people.

The state is much more than a large, energetic city. New York is also home to 180 beautiful state parks for you to explore

We curated a list of 20 wonderful New York state parks that are worthy of a visit.

Watkins Glen State Park

You will pass through tunnels, cross stone bridges and climb stairs as you admire 200-foot cliffs and 19 cascading waterfalls.

Allegany State Park

With nearly 65,000 acres it is New York's largest state park.  It sits in the western part of the state just north of the Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania.

Nestled in rugged mountains on the Hudson River’s west bank in Rockland and Orange counties, it has a lot to offer so close to New York City

Bear Mountain State Park

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