21 of The Biggest Lies That People Need To Stop Believing

Most people know the feeling of being caught in a lie.  But what about catching society in a lie?

These are some of the biggest lies woven so tightly into American culture that it can be hard to see through them.

1: Wasted Votes Many Americans view voting for third parties as a “wasted vote"

2: Email Woes “I never saw your email,” and proceeding to blame the situation on spam folders is something that many people lie about

3. Everyone is "Fine" When asked how you’re doing, most people respond along the lines of “I’m fine.” But such a line is a lie people believe, despite many of us answering the same when we’re anything but fine.

4: College Degree as a Lottery Ticket The concept of needing a college degree to land a good job is a full-out lie, says one commenter

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