23 Money Saving Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Honeymoon

The idea of going on an extravagant honeymoon, a bucket list trip, or your dream vacation is what most people think of when they hear the word honeymoon

But with sky-high wedding expenses, rent, and everyday prices going up, how can you make your dream a reality?

That's why we've gathered advice from experts for planning a great honeymoon that doesn’t beak the bank

Start a Honeyfund Add a Honeymoon Registry for your guests. They can chip in on anything from hotels to flights, and even contribute towards specific activities or excursions!

Go In Shoulder Or Off Season Even expensive places like Hawaii go "on sale" outside of summer, Spring Break and Winter Holidays. 

Travel Reward Credit Card Putting your wedding and everyday expenses on a travel credit card could mean free flights and/or hotel stays. 

Travel During the Week Oftentimes flying out on a Tuesday and returning on a Tuesday or a Thursday not only helps you to avoid TSA wait times but also can save you hundreds on airfare.

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