27 Tips for Finding the Top Travel Deals

Planning a vacation for a price you can afford can be a a big challenge.

Add inflation and travel surge pircing into the mix and it might seem like finding something you can afford is impossible.  But it is possible!

Using credit card rewards

Why not earn free travel for all of your everyday purchases?

Looking into local destinations

You might want to consider taking a road trip to some not-too-distant destinations and skip the expensive airfare.

Going where the dollar is strong

If you travel to a country where the U.S. dollar is strong, your money will go farther than it would at home or in a country where U.S. currency is weak.

Traveling during ‘dead zones’

There are two times of the year, the so-called “dead zones,” when travel tends to be cheapest:

Being flexible with your destination

If price rather than a place is the prime concern, you may want to use a destination search engine like Skyscanner.

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