27 Tips for Finding the Top Travel Deals

Planning a great vacation for a price you can afford can be a challenge.

And as more people hit the roadways, railways, and skyways post-pandemic, finding good deals may take a bit more detective work than usual.

Using credit card rewards

If you’ve racked up a large number of reward points on your credit card, you may be able to redeem them for free or reduced-price airfare, hotels, car rentals, cruises, dining, and other travel expenses.

Looking into local destinations

You might want to consider taking a road trip to some not-too-distant destinations.

Going where the dollar is strong

If you travel to a country where the U.S. dollar is strong, your money will go farther than it would at home or in a country where U.S. currency is weak.

Traveling during ‘dead zones’

There are two times of the year, the so-called “dead zones,” when travel tends to be cheapest:

Being flexible with your destination

If price rather than a place is the prime concern, you may want to use a destination search engine like Skyscanner.

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