30 Reasons Families Prefer Legoland Florida to Disney World

While Walt Disney World remains one of the most popular destinations in the U.S., rising ticket prices and complicated Fast Pass systems make a trip to Disney World not just expensive but mind-dizzying. 

It's just the beginning of why families are choosing days with Emmet, Lloyd and Master Wu over Elsa, Luke and Mikey Mouse.

“Overall, Legoland Florida is a clear winner with younger children due to price, experience, and ease; Disney is just harder,” said Richard Campbell of 10Adventures.

Legoland Florida is 50% Larger Than Magic Kingdom but Max Capacity is 12%

That Means  More Riding, Significantly Less Waiting

Legoland tickets are 25% to 50% the cost of Disney admission

For kids who do love thrill rides, Legoland Florida has four roller coasters, just as many as Magic Kingdom.

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