31 Things To Do In Puerto Rico To See And Experience the Island

Puerto Rico is described as the heart and soul of the Caribbean. Yes, this island boasts 720 miles of coastline with over 300 stunning beaches, but it offers so much more!

From one of the world’s very few bioluminescent bays to the lush mountaintops of El Yunque National Forest...

Plus history and some of the world’s most delicious food, there is something here for every traveler.  But what are some things to do in Puerto Rico?

Surf at Rincon Beach

Rincon Beach is a paradise for experienced and beginner surfers alike. Take a lesson or rent equipment right on site.

Rum Tasting  at Bicardi

The Bacardi Rum Factory is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in Puerto Rico’s rich rum culture and history.

Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

Housed in a stunning neoclassical building, this museum boasts an impressive collection of over 5,000 works by Puerto Rican and international artist

Toro Verde Adventure Park

With its vast network of zip lines, rope courses, and other exciting activities, it’s no wonder why this park has become one of the most popular things to do in Puerto Rico


With budget-friendly municipal courses, golf resorts, and even championship-level greens, you’ve got a wide range of options across the island’s 18 golf courses

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