34 of The Best Places to Visit Across the U.S. in 2023

The number one vacation spot in the United States is the Grand Canyon, based on US News and World report’s annual rankings.

The Grand Canyon deserves its spot as the number one place to visit in the United States, but many other cities, towns, locales, and monuments are worth seeing.

Here's our list of 34 places in America to consider for your 2023 vacation.

New York City, NY With over 66 million annual visitors, New York City is the top US tourist destination for foreign travelers.

Chicago, IL Chicago could easily sit atop the list of the best city to visit for arts and culture. 

Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles is the world’s entertainment capital, but there’s far more to do and see than Hollywood.

New Orleans, LA New Orleans is a mecca of culture. The city is the home of the largest Mardi Gras parade in the United States.

Seattle, WA The birthplace of grunge, Seattle is renowned as a music city. However, it also hosts a wide array of museums and other cultural icons.

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