4 Things the New Origin App Tells Us About The Future of Travel, Now

In the past three years, travel has drastically changed. By all indications, it’s not returning to its former self.

No longer shackled to a desk and inspired to explore ambitiously, people didn’t know how much they yearned for travel until they couldn’t.

According to AdTheorent’s research, consumer interest in travel may be at an all-time high.

62% of those surveyed reported 2-4 trips planned for 2022, with 83% of travelers planning to splurge on travel expenses.

What Does The New Origin App Tell Us About The Future of Travel, Now?

1.  Luxury Travel Is Booming Despite inflation and economic uncertainty, spending on luxury travel is increasing. 

2.  Bucket List Trips are Even Bigger Not only are people going on once-in-a-lifetime trips, they are even bigger than ever.  

3.  Digital Dominates Digital devices dominate the travel journey, echoing their significant role in people’s lives.

4.  Remote Work Revolution There are new global working norms signaling that remote work policies is not temporary. Travelers are blurring the lines of work and travel

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