5 Experts Explain The Dreaded Disney Rash and How To Avoid It

Between increasing remote work and a rise in jobs that require people to be in front of a computer all day, Americans have become more sedentary.

So what happens when Americans visit a Disney theme park and take 20,000 steps or more daily in hot, humid weather?  Many get the Disney rash.

It Turns Out The Disney Rash Isn’t Actually a Rash It is a nickname for exercise-induced vasculitis (EIV). This condition also happens to runners, dancers, hikers, golfers, swimmers.

A lack of regular exercise combined with the sheer size of theme parks and Florida heat is a recipe for disaster.

Most people don’t realize how large Orlando’s theme parks are and the miles and miles of walking they’ll be doing each day. We walked 30,000 steps a day last Spring Break. 

So How Can You Prepare for a Disney Trip and Prevent The Disney Rash? Start a daily walking routine a few months before your trip and slowly increase your distances to tolerance.

What Items Should I Pack In My Suitcase? Compression socks, lightweight clothing and athletic sneakers. 

What Can I Do During Park Days To Prevent It? To start with, take breaks, elevate your legs and stay hydrated. 

Get the Whole Guide including what to do if you've come down with the Disney Rash

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