5 Ways to Turn Around Your Timeshare Blues in 2022

“Owning a timeshare and traveling the world this way is beautiful, but it’s also complicated.

Did you know there are 9 million timeshare owners in the U.S. and 22 million worldwide? Or that timeshare owners travel significantly more than other vacationers and after travel closures

Don’t Let Your Week Go To Waste

Timeshare ownership can be boiled down to pre-paying for your vacation accommodations. So when you don’t use your week, you’re throwing your money away.

Salvage Value for You Week Even With a Last-Minute Change of Plans

Whether you need to cancel your vacation last minute or your renter does, there are still ways to get value for your week even when the clock is ticking.

It’s Time to Join a Timeshare Exchange Company

In the world of pandemic travel, joining a timeshare exchange company acts as another form of travel insurance for timeshare owners.

If your pre-paid timeshare vacation is going unused and you’re spending money on other vacation accommodations, your wallet is definitely going to have the blues.

You Really Can Exchange Your Timeshare to Great Destinations

Your timeshare blues may have turned into financial hardship during these difficult times.

Secure an Exit Without Getting Scammed

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