7 Ways to Make Playing Golf More Affordable in 2023

Did Tiger Woods’ return to golf inspire you to get back to the golf course too?

How can you squeeze golf into your already strained household budget with the cost of everything rising? You might think, “ah, but the greens fees, club memberships, and the supplies! So expensive.”

Jordan Fuller, a golfer, and a writer, has suggestions for making golf much less expensive, especially when it’s being played regularly.

Here are some ways to reduce the cost associated with golf to enjoy it as a college student if you have summers off, are working part-time, or as your dream retirement hobby.

 #1 Volunteer or Work at the Club

If there’s a really expensive golf course membership that’s just way out of your budget, this is a creative way to play there without emptying your wallet.

2. Play at Low-Traffic Times

Due to the low demand for late-afternoon tee times, golf courses are often quiet at this time and will offer reduced green fees.

Did you know that there are over 10,000 public golf courses across America? Additionally, there are also daily fee courses, where a pricey membership isn’t required.

#3 : Play at Golf Courses that Don’t Require Pricey Memberships

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