See A Real-Life Fairytale Town in Pictures: Giethoorn Netherlands

Giethoorn is a quaint village that’s described as the Venice of the Netherlands plus the lush shire of the Lord of The Rings.

Mix in luxurious accommodations and a Michelin star restaurant, and you’ve got a bucket list-worthy trip!

Giethoorn is located in Overijssel province in the northern part of the Netherlands. Founded around 1230, it is one of the oldest towns in the country.

Walk along the main walking strip, the most popular path in the village, only accessible by footpath or canal. This will take you to the cafés, shops, restaurants, and hotels where you can rent a boat to use during your stay.

The most popular museum in Giethoorn Netherlands is Olde Maat Uus Museum. It is housed in a typical old farmhouse to represent how the villagers lived from days of old.

There is no shortage of accommodations in Giethoorn, Netherlands . However, locals and experts will recommend staying in a boathouse since the village is best enjoyed on the water.

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