An Honest Guide to an RCI Membership + 21 Answers to FAQs Timeshare Owners Ask

Are you a timeshare owner at a resort that qualifies for an RCI Membership, but you haven’t joined to trade your timeshare for other vacations?

If you’re looking for more information on RCI, you’ve come to the right place. As a happy timeshare owner of 16 years,  I believe that an RCI membership is one of the key ingredients to making the most out of your timeshare ownership.

This article will candidly answer the most commonly asked questions about RCI. It’s real talk on what RCI is, how it works, and how to make the most of it to score epic vacations across the globe

Is wrapping your brain around RCI and an RCI Membership complicated? Yes!  Is it worth it? Absolutely!

In a complicated travel world, learn how joining an exchange company is another form of travel insurance for timeshare owners + Answers to 16 FAQs

#1 - Do You Need to Own a Timeshare to Get an RCI Membership? Yes! As part of the membership process, your ownership will be confirmed with your home resort or vacation club. 

#2 - Should I Do An Ongoing Search? Yes! This is a key part to get the resorts and destinations you are looking for. Why settle for the leftovers when you can be in the VIP line?

#3 - Is a Platinum RCI Membership Upgrade Worth It? If you want the best resorts during the best times, yes! Remember you're competing with RCI's 3 million other members. Why not be at the front of the line?

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