An Honest Review of Redweek + Their 20 Most Popular Vacation Resort Rentals

Redweek is the largest online marketplace to connect individual timeshare owners to people looking to rent resort condo rooms.

These Are Timeshares? Yes. But these resorts aren’t what you think they are. Instead, they are beloved mega-resorts like Wyndham Bonnet Creek right next to Disney in Orlando and the condo section of the luxurious Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.

What Lead Me to Redweek?

While there are a lot of timeshare rental websites out there, only Redweek had the exact days that we needed for the family event.

What’s the Redweek Booking Process Like?

If you have used Airbnb to book rentals before then, you’ll be pretty comfortable with the booking process on Redweek.

Everyone has their own comfort level, and that’s cool. It may be worth the extra 25% to book directly with the hotel to you as it is more of a straightforward process.

Redweek knows that people have different comfort levels, and that’s why they have different rental types listed on their site.

Verified means that Redweek has confirmed key details of the offering. That being said, they can’t prevent the owner from changing their mind and not updating their listing.

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