An Investigation Concluded Dave Ramsey’s Timeshare Exit Advice Should Be Ignored

This week Inside Edition aired their investigation into Dave Ramsey’s three-year endorsement of Timeshare Exit Team.

For the past three years, Dave Ramsey touted, endorsed, and advertised Timeshare Exit Team’s services as a trusted company that timeshare owners could turn to when they no longer wanted their vacation ownership.

Use The Cooling Off Period

If you just bought a timeshare and have second thoughts, you can cancel your timeshare contract and get all of your money back if you’re within your rescission period.

Take Advantage of Deedback Programs

If you own your timeshare free and clear, you can simply give it back to your resort or timeshare chain.

List it on the Resale Market

There are trusted, reputable timeshare resale marketplaces to list yours for sale for as low as $15.

You can research the current market value of your timeshare ownership, list it for sale and find a buyer all in one place.

If you’re an owner looking to exit a timeshare because you can’t currently use it but would like to continue owning, there are short-term options available to get you through a difficult time.

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