What is a Timeshare and What is it Like to Own One? A Happy Owner Explains All!

There are a lot of negative timeshare ads out there right now. If you follow Dave Ramsey, you probably heard him rip timeshares to shreds. Or you might have heard a bad story or two from someone who bought a timeshare and feels like it’s a scam.

It may leave you wondering why there is so much negativity  about something that people continue to buy year after year? To the tune of $15 billion annually! While there are a couple of bad actors and awful experiences, there’s a science as to why we hear more negative comments than positives.

Add into the mix companies looking to profit from the 22 million timeshare owners worldwide, and you’ve got a story out there that doesn’t reflect the full picture of timeshare ownership.

Here are the cliff notes: There are tons and tons of timeshare owners out there who are happy. Who love their timeshare. And who feel like they found one of the best travel hacks of all time. I’m one of them, and I’ll tell you all about timeshares, right here for free!

If you want to know why I believe the world is my travel oyster and how we vacation multiple times a year in upscale resort condos  for Motel 6 prices, this article is for you!

1. Thinking About Timeshares? So, where to start with timeshares?! That’s the thing about timeshares today. Not only are they not your grandma’s timeshare, but they no longer are just one thing.

What is a Timeshare Resort Like? It is this stunning Barbados resort with condo rooms! + Disney, Hyatt, Hilton, Four Seasons and Even The Atlantis

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