An Owner Shares 4 Ways to Hack Your Timeshare in 2022

Do you own a timeshare and pay good money toward it? Well, here's how to take advantage of all the perks and vacation deals that come with it.

One of the things we love about our timeshare is how flexible it can be. If you feel the opposite, here's what you can do in 2022!

Take Advantage of Space Available

When our resort is under 80% capacity, they open up the available rooms to owners 3 -7 days in advance — for only the cost of housekeeping. That means more vacations for $10 a night!

Save 84% on Timeshare Resort Rooms

One place to score additional vacations for pennies on the dollar is from the Timeshare Exchange Companies. You can rent out your owned week and use these cheaper weeks!

Don't Waste It; Exchange It

If you aren’t going to your resort anymore or want more variety, exchange companies are THE tool to take the dollars you are  already spending and transform them into "better" trips

Learn My Four Steps to Take Your One Week of Owned Timeshare and Stretch It Into More Vacations.... or Even 7!

Take One Owned Week and Turn It Into Two, Three, Four or More Weeks!

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