Are Timeshare Owners Beating Inflation and Travel Surge Pricing and Traveling Like It’s 2002?

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), hotel prices have increased about 39%, hitting a record high price

Timeshare Owners are in a totally different vacation boat. 

You see, owning a timeshare in essence is pre-paying for your yearly vacations.  Any many "locked-in" pre-inflation rates when they bought.

Timeshare Traveling

Savvy timeshare owners have said for years that traveling this way is “staying at upscale resorts at Motel 6 prices." And it's never been more true as hotel rates climb.

We are Vacationing Like It's 2005

While owning a timeshare is a long-term commitment, it does keep your accommodations costs almost the same from year to year.

Savvy Timeshare Owners

Those who know how to hack their timeshare, and purchase timeshares with savvy to get the best value, are traveling to upscale resorts for a fraction of the retail price

Owners who purchased a low-cost, mega trader timeshare on the resale market for under $5,000 or even FREE, are staying in high end Disney Resorts for a fraction of the $500 to $700 a night price

Vacation Multiple Weeks a Year, Even on a Budget

Owners set their rental price, independent of hotels and travel deal sites. That means you can save 50% or more the exact same resorts with timeshare rentals

Non-Owners Can Beat Inflation Too by Renting Timeshares

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