It’s the Next Era of the Taylor Swift Travel Boom –  Are You Ready for It?

In 2024, gig-trip travelers combine their  desire to explore the world with their love of their favorite artist to craft once-in-a-lifetime vacations.

One show fueling global travel, the record-breaking Taylor Swift Eras Tour resumes this month with 85 sold-out stadium shows across the world.

According to, the average Swiftie stay is 2.5 days, resulting in sold-out hotels and jam-packed cities wherever the tour goes.

With an average of 72,000 tickets per concert, The Eras Tour is a love story for the tourism business. Here's how they are courting Swifties around the world.

Vacation Packages

Taylor-made all-in one tours with Swiftie-specific activities by Delta Vacations.

Adjacent  Tours

Contiki Tours offering week-long trips as concerts end to continue the adventue

Select cities are creating weekend itineraries to paint the town red.

Taylor Trails in Cities

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