Attend a Timeshare Presentation Without Losing Money (And Your Sanity)

Who doesn’t love a travel deal? In your search have you seen promotions that seem too good to be true?

For example, how can a hotel offer 3 nights accommodation plus water park tickets and a $100 restaurant gift card for $129?

That’s because these promotions are from timeshare companies looking to introduce their resort, and timeshare ownership, to new people via a timeshare presentation.

It’s totally true – Two hours of your time can “fund” vacations to resorts across the country! BUT...

Remember, just like Facebook, if something is free, YOU are the product being sold.

Learn about attending a timeshare presentation so you’ll feel confident and empowered and never talked into buying something you don’t want or can’t afford.

Tip#1: Double Check that You Meet Their Qualifications to Book a Room Tied to a Timeshare Presentation

Tip #2: Set Your Phone Timer

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