Can't Visit Big Bend National Park? Tour In 20 Stunning Pictures Until You Can

You may think you know what Texas is, but one look at Big Bend National Park and you realize what a variety of landscapes Texas has

Big Bend is one of the Lone Star state’s most awe-inspiring natural attractions, and visiting might be one of the items on your bucket list.

The park borders Mexico in the western part of the state, along the Rio Grande river. At over 800,000 acres, it’s the largest protected area of the Chihuahuan Desert in the United States.

It sounds great, but it looks even better. So take a look at these epic photos of Big Bend National Park, and explore the park from your home until you can make a trip there yourself!

Panoramic  Views

You don't have to go to the same look-out points as everyone else.

The  Rio Grande

The famous river serves as the southern border to the park and is visible from many vantage points

Prickly pear cactus and bright purple sage fill the foreground with Chisos Mountains in the background.

Blooming  Desert

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