9 Ways to Actually Get a Cheap Rental Car for Your Next Vacation

Planning a trip can be fun –  looking at pictures of gorgeous hotels and all the sites you’re planning to see.

1. Check Aggregator Sites

 Aggregation sites are an excellent place to get started. This will give you an idea of where the value might be in a specific market at a particular time.

2. Check the Direct Sites

After checking the aggregator sites, it is good to check the rate directly on the rental companies website.

3. Book Economy

When booking a cheap car, it is essential to consider how much car you can afford. Economy cars are the lowest rate available in a car rental.

 Getting a comparable vehicle can help you save money.

4. Consider Alternative Car Classes

Turo is a gig economy app that lets people rent out their vehicles as a side hustle. Turo is kind of like Airbnb for cars. It allows people to rent out their cars directly to people.

5. Check Out Turo

While grabbing a car rental at the airport can be the most convenient it is not always the cheapest place to rent a car.

6. Price Check Off-Airport Options

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