Disney Costs Way Too Much - Families Now Headed Here Instead

When Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, a single-day admission ticket was $3.50. Someone earning federal minimum wage in 1971 ($1.60 an hour) only needed to work 2.19 hours to pay for admission. 

Fast forward to today, and prices have skyrocketed. A one-day ticket to a single Disney World park varies from $109 to $159 per day, depending on the day.

92.6% of surveyed Disney World enthusiasts said they believe the cost of a Disney vacation is now out of reach for average families. And Disney CEO agrees; saying prices have gotten too high

What used to be regular vacation for middle-class families has evolved into a luxury trip with pricey add-ons everywhere you look.

68.3% said rampant price increases and nickel and diming have made it feel like Disney World has lost its magic.

That’s why many are leaving The supposedly Happiest Place on Earth for a more joy-filled, and affordable vacation.

They want to show their kids the world now that borders have re-opened, to showing them the wonder of mother nature, families are saying bye bye to Mickey and Minnie and hello to these vacation destinations.

From other amusement parks, to laid back U.S. destinations to European adventures or other international bucket list trips, families are exploring the world, instead of Disney World.

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