Don't Fall for One of 5 Most Common Timeshare Scams Targeting Owners

Over 8 million Americans own a timeshare. While 7 out of 8 U.S. timeshares owners are satisfied, half of the American households are having trouble paying their bills.

So 850,000 of them are looking to sell their timeshare and many more are looking to rent theirs out to help cover this year's maintenance fees. 

The sharks see a business opportunity to take advantage of owners, especially seniors and less-knowledgeable timeshare owners. 

It can be challenging to determine who is trustworthy to rent out or sell your timeshare.  Here's the most common 2022 Timeshare Scams to watch for in 2023 as well. 

#1: Unsolicited Callers Asking For Upfront Fees Anyone who calls you out of the blue with a buyer or renter for your timeshare is a GIANT red flag. Keep Your Wallet Closed!

2. Fake Timeshare Employees Someone calling from a company that's very close to, but not exactly the name of an exchange company (RCI) or your home resort or resort chain.

3. Company Who Wants to Rent out Your Exchange Weeks Considering this is against RCI and II rules, why would you give them your money upfront to rent out your exchange weeks?

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