Don't Make These 19 Costly Disney World or Disneyland Mistakes

A trip to a Disney theme park finds its way on family's bucket list trips. But, gee golly, is it expensive.

With park ticket pricing going up and travel costs increasing as well, here’s how to stick to your vacation budget once you’ve gotten to Disney World or Disneyland.

Buying Things Instead of Bringing Them From Home

Don’t, however, waste your money by paying theme-park prices for things you need and should have brought from home like sweatshirts, hats, sunglasses, costumes.

Buying Way Overpriced Glow Toys

Kids love them, but the problem is they often find their way into the nearest trash can by the end of the night when the glow wears off. We brought Dollar Store items with us!

Bringing your own food  can be a big money saver. Even bringing lunch,  snacks, and drinks can save you big!

Buying 100% of Your Food and Drink In-Park

The cost of visiting virtually all Disney parks — at least those in the United States — increases significantly during peak season with Disney's new ticket pricing structure.

Visiting During Peak Times

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