Experience Uncrowded Old Hawaii on the Island of Molokai  

Do you dream of visiting the beauty of Hawaii and experiencing the Aloha Spirit but don’t want to do it with the 10 million other people a year who visit The Aloha State?

Molokai, the least-visited island dubbed the real Hawaii, is waiting for you.

Where Exactly Is Molokai?

Shaped roughly like a Moccasin boot, Molokai sits in the middle of the Hawaiian islands.

Getting there

The only way to travel to Molokai is on a small, 12-seater plane. You will likely travel to Molokai from one of the more popular neighboring islands aboard this small aircraft.

While as a visitor, you should not expect to be put on a pedestal here, the island will reward you if you show patience and wear your heart on your sleeve.

So Why Visit Molokai?

The best way to travel through Molokai is by being open to chance. Take a road and see where it leads you.

How Should You Travel Around Molokai?

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