The New York Pass Review

Is It Worth It in 2021?

New York City is a unique and wonderful place. As a born and raised New Yorker, I have been fortunate enough to experience and explore much of what New York City offers. But even those not from New York know it is often crowded and expensive.

So what is the best way to avoid the crowds, especially now as we continue to navigate this pandemic safely and stay on budget while enjoying all these great city offers? 

The New York pass is an option that provides perks and easy access to maximize your New York experience with less of the crowds and exorbitant prices.

The New York Pass is an app with a planning guide, navigation, and digital passes for the entertainment you choose to book.

The pass also offers discounts and fast passes that you can book in advance, up to 90 days, by planning your trip and booking your passes with the app.

There are a variety of attractions you can book using the app. They are organized into categories to make your planning experience more enjoyable. The categories you can choose from include:

Must See: One popular option from this section is the Empire State Building Observatory. There you will have the chance to visit the historic building and see the spectacular view.

Another option in this category that is often chosen is “The Ride,” an interactive, entertaining bus tour located in Midtown, Manhattan. Are you ready to explore, enjoy, and save? This list is loaded with options all over the five boroughs.

What’s New New York has a wide variety of museums for those of all tastes and interests. The New York Pass offers discounted or free access to museums all over the city, such as the Modern Museum of Art (MOMA.)

Traveling in the time of Covid

Thankfully, New York is no longer the hotspot for Covid that it once was, and things are beginning to open up again. Unfortunately, not everything is back to normal, so booking online, contacting the attractions ahead of time, and planning in advance is helpful. Hence, you are aware of any closures or restrictions around the city when you are there.

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