Family Vacations in Tannersville NY

Only 90 Minutes from NYC

The Catskills have always been a beloved ‘back to nature’ getaway. It’s only 90 minutes from NYC but you might as well be a world away from the crowds, noise and hurried life.

From historical artists, to Borscht Belt resorts of yesteryear (you know what I’m talking about Marvelous Maisel Fans) to Woodstock there’s always been magic here.  

Now Millennial artists, bakers, hoteliers and restaurateurs are shaping the next ‘version” of the Catskills celebrating the same awe-inspiring surroundings. 

Where to Stay So, 95% of the time we stay at our timeshare.  We love a condo layout for family trips vs a hotel room. We have a variety of bedtimes and wake-ups (one time my son woke up at 5:15am on a vacation here) and a bigger space makes it all more enjoyable.

Besides our timeshare, we have stayed at the larger townhouses on the other side of the ski slopes a handful of times. One time we needed more space for family, and the timeshare was sold out due to a wedding, so we rented a townhouse on AirBnb.

If you’re looking for other Tannersville NY lodging options than Hunter Mountain properties there are lots of choices! For a hotel experience, I recommend the recently renovated Scribner’s Lodge, a beautiful modern designed space with new owners.

Where to Eat

When traveling with small kids it can be easier to eat breakfast and one other meal in your place so they can run wild with no worry. We do however, have a list of favorites that we LOVE when visiting and are really enjoying the new spots that have been opening up like gangbusters lately around the Tannersville NY area.

Last Chance Cheese Restaurant

I have a SERIOUS love affair with this homecookin, relaxed cafe that has been a  mainstay since the 70’s! For 15 years, we have eaten here on every single visit – it’s my happy place!

Jessie’s Harvest House

If you are looking for a more elevated meal and/or are fans of the infamous Blue Stone at Stone Barns, this is the dinner spot for you!

What to Do

Zoom Flume Water Park & Summer Resort

Mountain Top Arboretum

North/South Lake


This New York State Park has so much to offer you could spend all week here!