Get a Better Golf Swing Than Scottie Scheffler This Summer

Scottie Scheffler, currently ranked the number one golfer globally, proved all critics and naysayers wrong when he won the 86th Masters Tournament in April of 2022.

Though his dominance in the game is undeniable right now, Scheffler's golf swing is still the subject of much criticism.

Scheffler's swing is unique enough to be the subject of many golf jokes, but it'd be remiss not to give credit where it's due. like  how he sets up his stance parallel to his target line making it easy to swing on the right path.

Here are some tips to help you improve your golf swing. If you work on it enough, you could develop a better swing than Scottie!

 #1 Improve Your Golf Grip

A key to a proper grip is to have a light hold on the club. as if you were shaking a young child's hand

2. Alignment

In setting up correctly, you ensure that you limit your dispersion (how wide your misses are) to that target. A great way to practice your body setup is with an alignment stick.

Golfers of all levels make the critical swing error of not rotating enough, leaving lots of distance (and accuracy) on the table.

#3 : Ensure Proper Shoulder Rotation

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