Going to Walt Disney World in 2023? Here's Your Epcot Guide

Epcot, the second of the four theme parks built at Walt Disney World in Florida has a cult following.

While the past decades have typically drew adults, the addition of rides from blockbuster kids movies like Frozen and Ratatouille has attracted younger families to Epcot once again.

Do You Know That EPCOT is Actually an Acronym? EPCOT or Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow was conceived by Walt Disney and built in 1982.

Is EPCOT good for Toddlers? There are 7 rides and a new Tiana playground that are perfect for toddlers.

What Epcot Rides Have  Genie, Genie+ or Lightning Lanes? This Walt Disney World theme park has 9 rides with these options. 

Does EPCOT have Fireworks? Yes!  Harmonious. is one of the largest nighttime events ever created for Disney

Get the Whole Guide on EPCOT including Festivals, Genie+ Rides and Lightening Lanes