Have You Mastered The Meaning of These 21 Golf Terms?

Golf has been a popular sport for centuries and continues to be enjoyed by millions worldwide.

With its passionate players, ever-evolving rules, and unique terminology, golf can be both challenging and rewarding.

However, many golf terms used on the PGA tour and in casual play can take time to decipher such as albatross, slice, birdie or bogey. 

Knowing the different golf terms can help players when taking a lesson, on the course, or during conversations about golf.

A top player provides an explanation of the 21 golf terms you must know.  How Many Do You Know?

Par Is the predetermined number of strokes a golfer “should” make to complete a hole, an entire course, or a certain number of golf holes.

Bogey A bogey is a score that is one stroke over par. People often view bogeys as failures; however, a bogey is still a respectable score

Albatross It is one of the most impressive shots, and it’s the golf term used when a player manages to shoot three-under-par in a single hole.

Learn All 21 Golf Terms

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