Here’s How I Saved $7,000 On Our Summer Family Vacation To Hawaii

With its unique aloha spirit, volcanoes, tropical rainforests, national parks,  fantastic food, and the best beaches in the world, it’s not a surprise that Hawaii is a top destination on people’s vacation wish lists.

If you think it’s out of reach for your family to visit the Aloha state, here’s how I saved $7,000 on our trip with just two booking strategies.

Booked 4 United Roundtrip Tickets, Only Paid for One My husband and I opened up a United Credit card so that we could each earn those lucrative sign-up bonuses.

That’s How I Saved $3,300 on Flights We earned enough miles for three roundtrip tickets between Newark, NJ  and Hawaii. That meant we only had to buy one $1,100 round-trip ticket

And We Got Free Lounge Access Each credit card came with two United Club lounge passes that we used at San Francisco Airport.

Saved 50% on my Marriot Roomm Instead of booking a two-bedroom unit directly from Marriot Kauai Beach Club, I rented the same room type from a timeshare owner who wasn’t using hers on Redweek

For Big Savings The resort’s direct price for a two-bedroom is around $1,050 a night in the summer, and I paid only $521.

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