How To Get The Best Resorts in the RCI Resort Directory

Have you already done a search for an RCI exchange vacation and are slightly panicking because you don’t see what you are looking for vs what you saw in the RCI Resort Directory?

Don't panic! I've written a series of free article on how to use RCI and actually get the best places in the RCI Resort Directory

Ignore RCI’s Homepage Search

Pretend that that giant search bar on RCI’s homepage isn’t even there. This is where you find the Leftover properties.

Go Explore The RCI Resort Directory

The site makes it hard to find and a lot of people don’t even know a master resort directory is on the site.

I'll show you the ways you can figure out how many points are needed for your dream exchanges

Make a List of Dream RCI Properties

Remember when I said that the homepage search was the leftovers? Well want to get first dibs of the best resorts?

Did You Know That There is a VIP List for Exchanges?

Read The Full Guide

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