How to Renew Your Passport When There’s a Backlog of 2 Million Others Already Waiting

Renewing your passport used to be a regular thing, something you did every 10 years for yourself or every 5 years for your children that wasn’t too much of an ordeal.

Well on top of a host of other travel complications, The State Department reports there has been a surge of applications from a lack of international travel over the past couple of years.

That has created a backlog of nearly two million applications waiting to be processed. So if you’re wondering How to Renew Your Passport the details have never been more important.

While the standard turnaround time for a passport was approximately 8 weeks, the State Department now recommends submitting your application six months in advance of your international trip.

Eligibility for Renewal of Your Passport: According to the U.S. government, a few things will make you eligible to have your passport renewed. – If issued before your 16th birthday – It is 15 years or older

How To Renew Your Passport in Steps

Before you get your passport renewed, you need several things to get it renewed. These items relate to doing it in the mail.

Items You Need For Renewal of Your Passport Through the Mail

– Fill out the Passport Application form DS-82. That is the form needed to have your passport renewed. – Include a recent passport photo – Send in your original passport should be sent in.

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