John Oliver Trashed Timeshares - But Would Most Owners Agree?

In a word-association exercise, 62% of survey participants think "scam" or "rip-off" as the first thing that comes to mind about timeshares.

And John Oliver's piece this week on timeshares and timeshare exit companies pretty much said the same.  

An recent survey  explored the reasons why people think this way about this billion-dollar piece of the travel world.

Word of Mouth 62% of those surveyed said friends or family members told them that timeshares are a scam

But Owners Themselves are Happy It may be shocking to learn that an overwhelming majority who own one enjoy them

So much so more than half of timeshare owners own more than one, and about 30% are looking to buy more

Other survey results report that 90% would rate their overall ownership experience as good or better

And  81% of respondents believe timeshare ownership allowed them to save money on their vacations

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