Love Hawaiian Flowers? Learn About  Mainland Friendly Ones To Grow

They don’t call Hawaii paradise just for its beaches. The whole place is magic.

With rainforests, volcanoes, waterfalls, and a whole island nicknamed The Garden Isle, you can’t help but rhapsodize at all the beauty of this special land. It titillates your senses at every turn too.

The colors, flavors, smells, sounds, and scenery hold a unique and spellbinding allure that draws you in and doesn’t let you go.

One of those pieces is part of the warm welcome visitors receive in the form of a lei. Hawaiian flowers.

So whether you want to read up before your next trip to Hawaii or grow a piece of its beauty back at home, read on to learn all about the 18 beautiful flowers of Hawaii.

1. Hawaiian Hibiscus (Ma’o Hau Hele)

there are actually 7 species of hibiscus that are native to Hawaii. One of them – the yellow hibiscus (i.e. pua alo alo) – has been the state flower since 1988

2. Cabbage On a Stick (Molokai Ohana)

Native to the island of Molokai, it has 5 long pointed white petals when in bloom and shiny cupped green leaves surrounding it. You'll find it at the Cliffs.

The bloom itself can be scarlet red or creamy white, yellow and pink, or even bright orange. Supremely fragrant, plumeria makes an ideal addition to leis.

3. Plumeria

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