Small Towns to Visit in Each of the 50 United States

When it comes time to pick your next travel destination, some of the more common cities might top your list.

New York City, Boston, Orlando, Los Angeles, Seattle — these are definitely places you must visit at least once, but there are some smaller cities that should round out your travel bucket list, too.

Mentone, Alabama Perched on top of Lookout Mountain, Mentone is tourist destination because of its picturesque views and charming shops.

Cordova, Alaska

Cordova is quaint fishing village 140 miles east of Anchorage in the Copper River Delta. Nestled in the shadow of Mount Eccles, the town has epic mountain views.

Bisbee, Arizona

This former mining town has charming historic architecture, quirky street art and epic red mountain views.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas The town features carefully restored Victorian buildings and natural splendor — nestled in the Ozarks, it is surrounded by over 60 natural springs.

Avalon, California

As the only incorporated town on Catalina Island, Avalon enjoys the distinction of being California’s only coastal island town.

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