The 8 Most Common Travel Scams Around The World

international travel is up more than 200% compared to last year. As you set out to explore the world, keep your guard up for the most common travel scams.

 The data reveals that Southern Europe, Western Europe, the Caribbean, South America, and Central America have more travel scams than others. 

A shocking 52% of Americans surveyed by have either lost money to travel scams or know someone who has, with the average amount lost totaling $380. 

So keep your money in your pocket by preparing to face these most common scams targeting tourists around the world.

#1: The Flirtatious Local The scam most frequently encountered by Americans traveling to Australia and Oceanian starts with a glimmer in the eye of a local.

2. The Begging Scam In the Caribbean, Central & South Asia, and the Middle East, however, unsuspecting travelers are more likely to be caught by begging or ‘help’ scams.

3. The Helpful Local What starts as someone helping, ends with an ask for money. 

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