The Best & Worst Hallmark Christmas Movies of All Time

Before jumping in, it’s worth noting that even the best-rated Hallmark Christmas movie only gets a 7.6. While that’s decent, it certainly isn’t beating “It’s a Wonderful Life,” which has an 8.6, or a slew of other Christmas classics.

Here’s the top 10 Hallmark Christmas movies from the last decade or so.

10. The Nine Lives ofChristmas “The Nine Lives of Christmas” is a 2014 Hallmark original with a 7.2 rating. Zachary, a fireman and long-time bachelor, begins to question his lifestyle after meeting a beautiful veterinary student who helps him take care of a stray cat he’s taken in.

9. Christmas Waltz “Christmas Waltz,” which earned a respectable 7.3, is a 2020 Hallmark movie about a woman who’s dumped a month before her extravagant Christmas wedding.

8. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” which also earned a 7.3, is a 2008 movie about Jen, a corporate analyst and single mom. She’s ready to go into the holidays with an all-business, Grinch-esque demeanor until her uncle introduces her to a handsome guy.

7. Five Star Christmas “Five Star Christmas,” a 2020 Hallmark original with a 7.3, is about a family-owned bed and breakfast that gets an unexpected visit from a travel writer. While the family poses as guests to try influencing the writer’s review, family member Lucy begins falling for a guest named Jake.

6. Christmas with the Darlings The No. 6 spot, “Christmas with the Darlings,” is also sitting pretty at 7.3 on IMDb. This is another 2020 movie about a woman helping a handsome man look after his orphaned nieces and nephews for Christmas.

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