The Iconic Spooky Mythical Creatures From Each U.S. State

From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the blue waters of the Great Lakes, these vast and mysterious areas are home to more than just wildlife.

Alabama’s Wolf Woman of Mobile In early April of 1971, 50 people reported seeing a half-wolf, half-women creature in the marshes of Mobile. Some said she escaped from the circus and one witness even said she chased them home.

Alaska’s Qalupalik This Inuit creature lives in the sea and draws children to the water with a hum-like singing.

Arizona’s Mogollon Monster

Legend has it that a 7-foot tall ape-like creature with large red eyes and long black hair lives in Arizona’s Mogollon Rim. Also known as the Arizona Bigfoot.

Arkansas’ White River Monster

Now nicknamed Whitey, the Newport-area sea creature legend goes all the back to Native American folklore.

California’s Tahoe Tessie From Washoe and Paiute Tribes tales to Jacques Cousteau, the legend of what lives in the deep Lake Tahoe waters is part of California history.

Colorado’s Tommyknockers

When British miners came to America, they brought old European myths and superstitions with them.

What Creature Is From Your State?

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